Sample Tapas Menu


Stationary suggestions

Manchego and Cabrales cheeses with quince paste

Assortment of olives, roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms

Rustic breads and flatbreads

Chorizo in bread dough wrapped in collard, baked and presented for slicing


Passed items

Lamb Albondigas (meatballs) in a brandy sauce

Asparagus wrapped with ham

Pork and green pepper empanadas

Bruschetta topped with portabellas and caramelized onions; served with a rosemary aioli


Buffet station items

Clams on the half shell poached in sherry sauce, with onion and Serrano ham

Beef tips in a garlic sauce

Red peppers filled with rice and pine nuts

Chick peas and wilted spinach

White bean salad

Baked cod with ham and mushrooms, wrapped in Swiss chard