Tapas Celebration


Salad Station

Arugula with Serrano ham

Orange and fennel with black olives

White bean and celery with Dijon vinaigrette

Mixed greens with chick peas, red peppers, tomatoes, 

green beans, and egg wedges with Sherry vinaigrette


Spreads and Dips

Oven roasted potato wedges with aioli

White bean and lemon spread with toasts

Fava bean and roasted garlic spread with raw vegetables

Roasted eggplant spread with rustic breads


Sautee Station

Chef attended preparations of:

Spicy shrimp

Garlic mushrooms

Quesadillas with Manchego cheese and roasted red peppers


Passed Tapas

Beef and vegetable skewers with orange-garlic marinade

Cheese and olive empanadas

Roasted asparagus wrapped with Serrano ham

Spinach and mushroom tortilla

Chicken and blue cheese croquettes

Herb-crusted salmon cubes with orange-yogurt sauce

Pan-fried bread and chorizo skewers

Albondigas (meatballs) of lamb or pork